Attentive to your needs and specialized in natural food and health, our qualified employees await you in every department of our store. They will answer any question you may have and in light of their expertise will guide you towards the most suitable products.

Certified Organic

Our customers have always been our top priority which is why we have been certified by Ecocert Canada since 2003.
This certification guaranties the products’ organic integrity throughout production and serves as a guarantee of quality for consumers.

Locally Grown

We do our best to supply from local producers. Why? For the quality and freshness that comes from working with local farmers and because, in addition to stimulating the local economy, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, promoting dynamic land use and preserving our heritage. We proudly support the network of family farmers all over Quebec. Speaking of heritage, did you know Bio Terre has been a drop-off point of Jardins d’Ambroisie since 2006.

Sustainable Fishing

We are committed to offering sustainable seafood products. We all know that overfishing and climate change represent a serious threat to our oceans which are essential to maintaining life on the planet. In only the last 50 years, 90% of the world’s predator fish have been decimated. With this in mind, how can we consciously contribute to going beyond the already overstepped ecological boundaries of our oceans? Shopping at Bio Terre means that none of the seafood products you will buy will come from commercial fishing.

Fair Trade

Because of our values, we make it our duty to offer you Fair Trade products. We believe that producers should receive a fair price for their work and that trade relations should never be dissociated from human and democratic relations. We also think that buying goods should contribute to an equal access to health care and education as well as to gender equality and better working conditions.


In 1995, the Government of Canada approved for the first time the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) for cultivation and consumption. In other words, GMOs have been present in our fields and our food for more than 20 years. What exactly is their impact on our health, our environment and our economy? No one knows and this uncertainty is precisely the core of the problem. Hopefully, you can easily avoid them at Bio Terre by buying organic products which are by definition GMO-free. Look for the Non-GMO Project logo on labels and follow like we do the activities of the non-profit organization Vigilance OGM for more information about GMOs.